“Modern Composite Materials Applied in Aerospace, Civil and Mechanical Engineering: Theoretical Modelling and Experimental Verification”


 Co-ordinator: Tomasz Sadowski (Lublin University of Technology, Poland)




Period: 1 April 2005 – 31 March 2009




1.   Project objectives



The main idea of the project is to increase the research potential and quality of Lublin University of Technology (LUT) staff in the field of mechanics of composite materials and non-linear dynamics, thus bringing LUT up to a leading position and enabling creation of the research and training centre in modern composite materials and non-linear mechanics in the Middle East part of Europe. The project comprises both research and training objectives and is laboratory- based.


Research objectives - new areas of competence at LUT in application to civil, mechanical and aircraft engineering:


·        Multi-scale theoretical modelling and experimental verification of anisotropic  behaviour of composite materials (including internal structure) under combination of dynamic loading, environmental and temperature effects. The modeling includes calculation of local stress concentration in the material and defects nucleation at nano-, micro- scales and defect growth - responsible researcher:  prof. Tomasz Sadowski

·        Implementation of the results of the composite modeling to macro-scale dynamical structures with taking into account the newest results of  non-linear mechanics, vibrations, chaos and control techniques - responsible researcher:  prof. Jerzy Warmiński



Training objectives - teaching at the European level, consistent with EC priorities – by introducing new courses to Ph.D. studies programme and training LUT staff. To provide planned significant increase of LUT quality in research and education, the following activities are necessary:


a)     Recruitment of experienced researchers (24 month stay) for: doing joint  research, lecturing to undergraduate students, participation in seminars,

b)     Recruitment of more experienced researchers for: delivering short intensive courses to Ph.D. students, advanced courses to LUT staff.

Researchers will be recruited following an international publication of vacancies.

c)     Secondment of LUT staff at partner institutions to acquire new expertise:

-         more experienced researchers will get acquainted with the latest ideas in modeling of composite materials and non-linear dynamics,

-         experienced researchers will be trained in specific methods of numerical applications and in the field of experimental mechanics.



Transfer of knowledge by:


conferences and workshop

·        IUTAM Symposium on: “Multiscale Modelling of Damage and Fracture Processes of Composite Materials” (1st year), organiser prof. T.Sadowski (partner 1 - LUT); number of participants: approx. 70 persons

·        16th International Workshop «Computational Mechanics of Materials » (2nd year), organiser prof. T.Sadowski (partner 1 - LUT) and prof. S.Schmauder (University of Stuttgart, Germany); number of participants approx. 80 persons

·     Euromech Colloqium 498,  „Nonlinear Dynamics of Composite and Smart Structures” (4rd year), organiser prof. J.Warminski (partner 1 - LUT) and prof. M. Cartmell (University of Glasgow, UK) ; number of participants approx. 80 persons


advanced courses (schools) for LUT staff

·        title course: “Continuum Damage Mechanics of Materials and Structures” (2nd year), number of participants: approx. 20 persons

·        title course: “Modelling, dynamics and control of innovative materials and structures” (3rd year),, number of participants: approx. 30 persons


Strengthen co-operation with the local industry:

Polish Aviation Work Świdnik S.A., Wiz-Art Ltd – local SME, local civil engineering enterprises. Promotion a new technologies of composites and structural elements production and foster innovation to the local enterprises.



2. Work plan


The work plan consists of the following workpackages:


·        WP1: Transfer of knowledge by short intensive courses and advanced courses

·        WP2: Transfer of knowledge by workshops and conferences

·        WP3: Joint research: theoretical modeling of composites

·        WP4: Joint research: dynamic modeling of structures

·        WP5: Modernisation of computer and testing facilities at LUT

·        WP6: Experimental testing of selected composites and structures

·        WP7: Management and exploitation



3. Scientific highlights

· Scientific_highlights.pdf


4. Qualitative indicators

· Qualitative_indicators.pdf


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